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QE3 arrives

QE3 arrives… Ben Bernanke announced the latest round of Quantitative Easing in the United States yesterday.  This will involve buying 40 billion dollars of mortgage debt every month in an effort to force some life back into the housing and construction sectors. This an open ended program tied to improvements in the unemployment rate. The […]

Investors seek out safe havens

Investors seek out safe havens…   The last several months have seen the gold price shoot from 1020 euro up to an all time high of 1375 euro this weekend. Given that last year’s all time high in euros was 1070 and the first six months of 2011 were spent in a trading range of […]

Where to now for the Gold Bull

Where to now for the Gold Bull By Shane Carroll – Goldbank.ie We are 10 years into a precious metals bull market which has seen gold go from under $300 an oz at the end of the stock market bubble in 1999 and 2000 to over $1500 dollars today. In the same time frame the […]

A New Gold Standard

A New Gold Standard? By Shane Carroll / Goldbank.ie Robert Zoellick Head of the World Bank since 2007 has called for a discussion on a new Gold Standard in an article in the Financial Times this week. Since 1971 when the US effectively declared bankruptcy by ending the Bretton Woods peg between the dollar and […]

Great Reasons To Buy Gold

Great Reasons To Buy Gold 1. Ireland’s economy. Soaring unemployment, unsustainable debt and a government unwilling to take the action needed to help Ireland recover. 2. Anglo Irish Bank. Need we say more – whether its €32 billion or €64 billion needed to bail out this toxic bank we’re being dragged into a black hole […]