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The Gold Silver Ratio

The Gold Silver Ratio When investors are deciding to buy gold or buy silver, one of the key gauges is the Gold Silver ratio. However this ratio is open to interpretation, where should gold be in relation to silver exactly? In other words how many troy ounces of silver are equal one troy ounce of […]

US property market shows signs of weakness April 2014

Faltering US housing market April 2014

Six years after the collapse of 2008 there is a real sense of optimism among analysts that the US economy is finally shrugging off the effects of that collapse with real estate and stock market gains being the Fed’s chosen workhorses to drive the US economy forward.

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10 key points about gold

1.- It costs 7.8c to create a C note(100 USD bill), 2 grams of gold(spot price roughly $80) costs roughly $75 to mine.
2.- US national debt is increasing by between 1/2 and 1 trillion USD annually.

3.- Annual gold production for the past few years has averaged 2500 tonnes.

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Fed fails to taper implications for gold and silver

Last week the Federal Reserve announced to a surprised financial community that there would be no reduction in money printing this month. The markets had priced in a 5 to 10 billion reduction in the Fed’s 85 billion USD a month of QE which has been channelled into mortgage backed securities and US treasuries to support the US housing and government debt markets and thus keep interest rates at abnormally low levels.

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Bond yields up, gold and silver up and stocks down

Exciting price moves for silver and gold

Both silver and gold pushed up strongly in the last few days with Thursday the 15th August being notable as silver moved up 70 cents from 16.50 euro to the 17.20 area. This is hugely interesting because the silver price has been anchored down around the 15.00 euro area for most of the summer and just 2 weeks ago it was down to 14.80 as the Fed issued new commentary regarding tapering.

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Is the Gold Bull Market Over?

For those who are disillusioned by the recent downturn in the price of gold and silver, it is worth re-visiting the fundamentals of what exactly has been driving the current bull market.

Ask yourself the 13 questions below and then ask yourself is the perceived bull market decline based on a change in the facts or on simple sentiment:

Are the PIIGs reduced their debt burdens?

Silver price prospects in 2013

Silver price prospects in 2013..  Silver rose 6.4% against the euro in 2012 rising from 21.38 on the 1st January 2012 to 22.75 by the 31st December 2012. In the decade up to the end of 2011 the average price performance for silver against the euro was 19.3% increase per annum so 2012 ranks as a […]

Gold Sovereigns are money

Gold Sovereigns are money Sovereigns The Gold Sovereign Coin truly is money. Whenever I try to explain to people that the Euro, the Dollar, the Yen and all paper currencies are not money, I usually get a bewildered look. In the simplest of terms Money must serve two basic principles, firstly it must be a […]