100 Gram Silver Bar


100 Gram Silver Bar – Other Silver bullion bars are available in sizes of 1oz-5 Kilo. Silver is currently quite undervalued relative to gold and most other assets. Silver tends to have sharper price movements than gold and the price ratio between gold and silver is likely to narrow in the next several years.

Material: Silver

Purity: 999.9


Anywhere In Ireland


100 Gram Silver Bar – Our Silver bullion bars are available in sizes of 100 gram -5 Kilo. Enquire with us directly if you require different sized bars to those currently listed. 100 Gram Silver Bars are an ideal size for investors looking to acquire smaller sized silver bars. Silver is quite undervalued relatively to gold and has historically traded in 17 to 1 (17oz silver costing the same as 1oz gold) price relationship with gold. Because of this it is very likely that silver will make significant gains relative to gold and other assets over the coming years.

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Weight 32.150000 oz